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Peak® Universal Bond adhesive (bonding)

Peak® Universal Bond adhesive (bonding)

Universal composition of Peak Universal Bond is ideal for indirect and direct adhesion, including procedures for fixing points. Due to 7.5% of filler viscosity is optimized for the minimum thickness of the film and unsurpassed strength. Ethyl alcohol as a solvent is cured under the action of most high-intensity lamps, including LEDs.

Scopes of application:
Ideal for any adhesive cementation with light-curing procedures, Peak Self-Etch Adhesive System can also be used for immediate sealing of dentin before performing impressions and exposure to reduce of sensitivity after surgery and cementation.

Package contains:
 - 1 syringe of 1.2 ml. (1.58 g);
 - 20 syringes of 1.2 ml. (1.58 g).