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Opalescence Boost Intro Kit PF

Office bleaching - Opalescence Boost Intro Kit PF

Powerful whitening system of chemical activation of 40% hydrogen peroxide Opalescence Boost PF.

- Opalescence Boost PF is a powerful whitening gel of 40% hydrogen peroxide containing potassium and fluoride of ion.
- Therapeutic concentrations of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride in the whitening gel prevent the occurrence of sensitivity and have caries-protective effect.
- A specially designed procedure of mixing "syringe-in-syringe" ensures a fresh supply of the material for each application.
- One syringe contains a unique material for the chemical activation.
- Another syringe contains a bleaching agent based on hydrogen peroxide.
- After mixing the gel Opalescence Boost is ready for use.
- The set includes a unique material for protection of the soft tissues on the methacrylate basis - OpalDam.

Instructions for using:
- Opalescence Boost is a powerful whitening system using in the dentist's office only.
- It is used for whitening one and more teeth or its part as required and for accelerating the bleaching process.
- Opalescence Boost offers an alternative, gentle whitening way of dark or strongly discolored teeth compared with using of crowns and veneers.
- Opalescence Boost bleach teeth which are discolored due to congenital, systemic, metabolic, pharmacological, traumatic or iatrogenic factors such as dental fluorosis, jaundice, tetracycline containing drugs, porphyria, trauma, eritroblastozis.
- As the restoration materials cannot be bleached, we recommend to make whitening before you start restoration (wait for two weeks after bleaching and before you start restoration).
- Bleaching of problematic teeth to the natural shade will facilitate you selecting the colour at restoration.
- Use whitening system Opalescence Boost alone, or in combination of Opalescence bleaching system at home.
- Our experience shows that the bleaching process continues during 12-24 hours after the bleaching procedure is fully completed.

Package contains: Set Opalescence Boost Intro Kit PF of:
Opalescence Boost / Activator 4 syringes of 1,2 ml.
OpalDam Green 2 syringes of 1,2 ml.
A bite block IsoBlock - 10 pcs.
Application cannulae Micro 20 ga
Application cannulae Micro 20