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Sable ™ Seek and Seek – indicators of caries

Sable Seek indicator of caries contains FD & C colorants, and Seek indicator contains D & C colorants on glycol basis and colors infected dentin by caries.

• Finding of demineralized dentin
• Safe and purposeful application of dark-green color to work near the pulp and easy identification of the apical openings of the tooth’s root.

Areas of use:
Seek and Sable Seek identify demineralized dentin in remote places - for instance, under the overhanging enamel  at preparing cavities of class I, II or III, or along DE seam of prepared cavities. Green Sable Seek prevents excessive removal of dentin with deep caries, which can lead to opening of the pulp. Demineralized dentin should be removed to improve adhesive force of all restoration. Red Seek clearly visible in the dark dentine and offers a fast and effective method for detecting calcined apical holes of teeth’s roots.

• 20 syringes of 1,2 mL (1.25 g)
• 4 syringes of 1,2 ml (1.25 g)
• 4 syringes of 1,2 ml (1.25 g)
• 20 nozzles Black Mini Brush Tip