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Masks have three layers, made ??of modern, high-quality materials (spanbond, meltblown), do not contain latex. The barrier function is provided by a combination of homogeneous fiberglass-free filter element with the finest fibers, that pick microparticle size of 0.1 micron, which ensures maximum protection.

A three-layer masks has bacterial filtration rate of 95-98%. For a snug fit to the face they have built-in bow holder.

Facemasks must have following properties:
 • High breathability;
 • Softness and good tactile feel close to natural fabrics;
 • The combination of strength and subtlety;
 • Resistance to rupture;
 • No toxicity;
 • Anti-static;
 • Good drape;
 • Hypo allergenic;
 • No peeling;

The World Health Organization makes the following recommendations regarding the use of masks:
 - Mask should be carefully secured, tightly shut your mouth and nose, leaving no gaps;
 - Avoid the touching of the fixed mask. After removing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol;
 - Moist or damp mask should be replaced by a new, dry one;
 - Do not use disposable masks twice;
 - Used disposable masks should be immediately thrown as waste.
 - It's need to change the mask every 1.5-2 hours.

Disposable face masks are also recommended for use in the manufacture of food products, pharmaceutical factories, manufacture of personal care products, carding workshops, manufacture of electronics, manufacture with a high content of fine particles to protect workers and other industries requiring product, staff and premises purity.